Facility Improvements

Your fund-raiser dollars at work

Over the past few years we have made a number of improvements to our facility. Listed below are just a few of the improvements made over the years.    


Four brand new fields in a clover formation with a pavillion in the center. 

New Parking lot, closer to fields 1-4.


Continuation of the four new diamonds and parking lot being built. Check back in Spring 2023 for the completion!  

Credit card machine installed at the concession stands.  New weed wacker and blower added.  New flag pole and flag installed.


Four new fields are currently being built.  The four new diamonds will be adjacent to field 6, built in a clover formation.  New parking lot is being created closer to fields for an easier walk.  Be on the lookout for new batting cages and pitching mounds in the summer of 2022.

2016 - 2017

Two new fields were built with irrigation and drainage.   These state of the art fields are behind field 3 and field 5.  These new fields give greater scheduling flexibility and more options for team practices.

2014 - 2015

New dome backstops were installed on all diamonds for increased safety.   


Completed Renovations on Diamond #2(field)Upgraded Safety Netting on Field #3 & #4 


Aquired Diamond #2Purchased 3-wheel diamond groomer

Purchased new infield dragger

new sheds for equipment storage
Fixed netting on Aud 3 and 4
Placed 150 tons of clay infield mix on the S. Long St. diamond
Purchased 2 new pitching machines for AA
Fenced entire perimeter of fields 3, 5 and 6


New roof on the concession stand
New Grill and Fryer for concession stand


Blacktop the Aud 5 and Aud 6 dugouts
New benches for Aud 5 and Aud 6 dugouts
Blacktop the concession stand area


New Scoreboards on Aud 3, 4, 5 and 6
Dugout covers for Aud 5 and Aud 6
Spectator bleachers repaired
Netting installed around backstop on Aud 4
Replace fence posts on Aud 4


Dugout covers on Aud 3
Netting installed around backstop on Aud 3, 5 and 6