Generic Rules for All

Generic Rules for All divisions:

The following are the AGSL House League Rules.   For games with umpires, the umpire is the ultimate arbitrator of the application of the rules.  Good sportsmanship and fun is the foundation of our rules at AGSL.

Our general rules linked below apply to all levels. 

General AGSL Rules and Code of Conduct



We will follow the 2024 "Official Softball Rule Book" with the following exceptions:

Game Times/Postponements/Forfeits:

  1. Game schedules will be posted on the website and at the concession stand.
  2. It is the coach's responsibility to check the website in the case of inclement weather. You may choose to contact your parents or direct them to the website for inclement weather cancellations. On weekdays the website will be updated by 5:00pm, on weekends please check for updates approximately one hour prior to game time. If no message is posted, assume your game is on.
  3. Games must start on time. A team can start play if missing players when players are expected by borrowing players from the opposing team to fill outfield positions until other players arrive. Any player coming after the start of the game should be added at the bottom of the line-up. Remember this is an instructional league and forfeits are not encouraged.
  4. The home team will use the field starting 30 minutes before the game start time for 15 minutes for pre-game warm-ups. The visiting team will use the field for the remaining 15 minutes. If your team arrives late, you may warm-up outside of your allotted times on the field only with agreement of the opposing team. In no case should a game start time be delayed for additional warm-up time.
  5. No inning for any game can start after 1 hour and 30 minutes after the scheduled start time and there is a hard stop 2 hours after the scheduled start time.  There are no playoffs in fall ball.
  6. Darkness and/or weather may stop a game at any point as agreed to by the Coaches, Umpires and Director on Duty. Warning: If there is any sign of lightning and/or thunder, even in the distance, games should stop immediately. Teams should take shelter under concession stand picnic areas and not resume play unless lightning and/or thunder free for 30 minutes.
  7.  No request to reschedule a game can be made less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled game.  A failure to attend the game will result in a forfeit.  All requests to reschedule a game must be done with the opposing coaches consent and a request to reschedule sent to the scheduler.  There is no guarantee than a reschedule request will be granted as it is based upon field availability and availability of the opposing team.  A forfeit counts towards the games played in a season.

 Uniform and Equipment

  • No one will be allowed to play without a proper uniform. Each player must wear her individual team jersey to be eligible for play. Call ups wear the jersey of their official AGSL team.
  • Players are required to wear standard baseball pants during games. All players must be wearing the same color. Exceptions will be made to players coming from school or travel games (they may wear the pants from that uniform but must wear the AGSL jersey).
  • No metal spikes will be allowed. Any player wearing such will be removed from the game.
  • All catchers must wear protective equipment including a catcher's helmet with face guard, including when warming up the pitcher.
  • Only bats stating "Official Softball'' on the barrel of the bat are allowed.
  •  If hats are worn, they must be the team hat unless a team hat was not provided.
  • Helmets must have a cage and a chin strap.


  1. Only team members and coaches will be allowed on the bench. When on offense, only baserunners, the batter, and the person on-deck (who must be wearing a batter's helmet) may be off the bench in the field of play. It's recommended that the girl on-deck stand at the end of the bench near either the first or third base coach.
  2. Any player warming up a pitcher on the sidelines or on the playing field must wear a facemask.
  3. It is mandatory for pitchers to wear either a helmet or face mask while pitching.
  4. It is recommended that infielders wear a face mask and/or mouthguard.
  5. The umpire will warn the batter and her coach the first time a bat is thrown in such a manner as may result in injury. If a bat is thrown again by any member of the team, an out will be called and a no pitch will be the ruling.
  6. When an injury occurs, the umpire should call time out immediately. Runners (including the batter} who are between bases may proceed safely to the next base only. First Aid Kits are provided to each Manager at the beginning of the season. They must be present on the bench. Ice packs are to be used when necessary and can be replaced at the concession stand. Coaches are responsible for reporting any significant injury to the league.
  7. No jewelry is to be worn during a game. This includes all earrings, nose rings, bracelets of any kind, Fitbit, etc. NOTE: Medical alert bracelets or necklaces are not considered jewelry. If worn, they must be taped to the player’s body in a manner where the medical alert information remains visible.



  1. Managers/coaches are responsible for the conduct of themselves, their players, parents and fans at all times on the field and on the bench. NO heckling of the opposition will be tolerated. Players/teams must also refrain from statements (including certain types of cheers) or language demeaning to their opponents. There shall be no swearing, screaming, heckling or other behavior that would be deemed as insulting or disruptive to the game. Any person that acts in a manner that is unsportsmanlike will be asked to immediately discontinue such conduct.  Further, the results of such action shall be the expulsion of that person from the game if a player or coach or removal from the complex/area of play. If he/she refuses to leave or such action is continued, that person's team will forfeit the game.   All such incidences of misconduct should be reported to the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors reserves the right to take further action including, but not limited to, expulsion from the league and/or a complete ban from entry into the complex.  Remember that this is an organization promoting girls’ youth softball.  AGSL promotes a healthy, positive and encouraging atmosphere for all players, coaches, families and spectators.
  2. Smoking or drinking of alcoholic beverages will not be tolerated in the area of play or in the complex. This includes players, coaches, and spectators. Forfeiture may be the result. No one is allowed at the complex who is intoxicated, has an order of protection in place and coming to the complex would be in violation of the order of protection, or a registered sex offender.  Spectators, coaches and players must maintain a positive atmosphere and there will be zero tolerance for any bad mouthing or negative comments made about anyone. This is a family friendly atmosphere where we promote positivity and a fun environment. Anyone in violation will be asked to leave the complex and could receive a complete ban from entry into the complex.
  3. Only the designated coaches can actively run or coach a team during a game. First or third base may be coached by an assistant coach or another person 15 years or older (15 years - 17 years must wear a helmet). Under no circumstances (except injury) is any spectator allowed onto the playing field.
  4. No one may stand behind the backstop, in line with the pitcher and the catcher.  A coach or adult assisting with getting the ball back to the pitcher during play can stand behind the catcher for A and AA. 


  1. AAA and Major Divisions: If you cannot provide a minimum of 6 players for a game utilize the call up list and do your best to field a full team (N/A for fall ball).  The call up list will be put together by the Division Coordinator by contacting players parents of the girls in the grade just out of their division and getting parent permission to play-up when needed and available. A player cannot miss their scheduled house game to play up. Call-up players are expected to play a minimum of three innings but are not required to play in the infield. Call-up players are NOT allowed to be pitchers or catchers.  Again, coaches are expected to work together and provide players, if possible, when needed.
  2. Each team will bat its entire order. If, for example, fourteen girls are present, all fourteen will bat in order. If an injury occurs, the girl is removed from the line-up. An out is not recorded in that batter's slot.
  3. Coaches may use a courtesy runner for a girl that will start the next inning in the catcher position. The girl making the last out must be the pinch runner. You may not courtesy run any other player.
  4. At the completion of each game, the winning coach must update the AGSL web page with the score within 48 hours.
  5. Protests are strongly discouraged. Any protest must be submitted in writing to the House League President within 24 hours. For a protest to be valid, your scorebook must be complete to the point where the protest was made. At the point of protest, the opposing coach and umpire must be made aware of the protest and your scorebook signed. Home team’s scorebook is the official record of the game.